Sharon Scheyer is a glass artist, was born in Israel in 1991. She graduated with honors in ceramics and glass department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel (2018). Her work has won several awards: Blumenthal Award (2018), Jute Competition - Kuni Franz (2019).


I always found the glass material interesting, ever since I was little, I used to collect all sorts of jars and small bowls of glass, it always seemed to me shiny and magical in its transparency, so beautiful and heavy but on the other hand delicate and fragile. When I started my degree, I began to know the material really closely, I found out it is full of qualities. It can be rough, opaque, light and even disguised as other materials. Also the work process with it, when it's turning from a hot lava into block of ice and inventing new techniques of my own. trying to break the boundaries with it as much as possible. Integrating techniques is a great part of my work and also the combination of materials. I always strive to know more about it.